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ScandiCam camera

    The Monitors (cameras), are high-tech hardware devices, supporting HD (720p) video resolution, during day and night. The Monitors support 300° Pan and Tilt, allowing to remotely control the position. The high quality microphone helps to recognise the moving object and initiate the recording.

    The monitors are easily connected to the cloud through the existing WiFi networks. The video traffic is encrypted end-to-end and recorded with the customer’s encryption key – it cannot be decoded by the operator or any third party.

Supported Client Devices

    CleverIT provides the following viewing options:

  • PC (Windows and OSX)
  • iOS
  • Android

Scandicam monitor

  • 5 minute self-install
  • Pan & zoom
  • Night Vision
  • Motion detection

Support Services

  • Keep the server environment patched
  • Guarantee the availability of the service according to the SLA
  • Provide 24/7 remote support for the service
  • Monitor the service and provide proactive notices, when available

CleverIT Hungary

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BENEFITS – SCANDICAM is the ideal solution for the operators, to enable a fast and easy entry into the Internet of Things market.