SCANDICAM – The ideal solution for the operators, to enable a fast and easy entry into the Internet of Things market.


The whole infrastructure of ScandiCam is hosted on high performance servers, complying with the EU regulations for data protection. The end users get access to an end user portal for accessing the LIVE view, past recordings, managing their own service components and the relevant parameters. The operators receive access to an operator portal to manage the service parameters.


The video traffic is encrypted end-to-end and stored in a safe server environment.

The security of ScandiCam system is continually monitored and managed by the CleverIT team.


The cloud is interfaced by APIs, allowing direct integration for CRM systems, billing, enabling disabling services and components per camera device. All the monitors are centrally managed including firmware upgrades and user authorizations. A quarterly billing summary is generated, reporting which service was active for how long – a base for financial settlement between the operator and CleverIT.


The team of CleverIT will:

  • • Keep the software environment patched: server, applications, client (PC Windows/OSX, iOS, Andoid)
  • • Guarantee the availability of the service according to the SLA
  • • Provide 24/7 remote support for the service
  • • Monitor the service and provide proactive notices, when available
  • • Provide the hardware warranty
  • • Support CRM and billing integration
  • • Provide marketing advisory service

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